Who am I

I am a retired software engineer, by profession. I have a lifetime interest in logic and its automation, and in GOFAI in the form of getting machines to reason formally. Also in philosophy, but mostly anti-philosophy in the form of various flavours of formal-tech-neo-positivism. The closest philosopher to my own way of thinking was Rudolf Carnap, though things have moved on, in relevant ways, an awful lot since he was around. I don’t really rate the philosophical movements which have taken place, but the development of formal methods and the technology to support them is significant (tho’ still has a long way to go, mainly because it needs real deductive machine intelligence).

More Information

I am doubling down on a philosophically motivated software and ecosystem development proposal at present - DA-Hol. This, alongside a companion project I am considering (DA-Value), will probably be my last substantial undertakings, mainly because the ideas are big enough to last a lifetime, even at today’s pace of change.

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