More Restructuring

I decided two things:

  • To rename all the projects in the StarDust constellation (apart from StarDust). They are now HoLoTruth, HoLoMod, HoLoVal.

  • To start again from scratch with all the wikis. Even the re-structuring from one to four had not progressed very far, and I decided it would be easier to start again (without ruling out re-using or rehashing some of the material) than to try a piecemeal reorganisation of the material.

Also I have in mind the following shifts of emphasis:

  • I am keen on a bit of cosmic speculation to provide the largest possible context for these ideas, but I think many (perhaps most) of the people who might be interested in contributing to the core proof technologies won’t be interested, so I need to make HoLoTruth independent of it. Which is pretty much what I intended anyway.

  • I had not thought talk of neural nets and deep learning would be prominent, but I’m beginning to think that in the bigger picture its maybe should be (never mind that I know little about them).

Written on January 6, 2017