The StarDust constellation is still a movable feast, so I thought I would mention the recent moves before making a start at the wiki.

There are two problems with what I wrote in the blog about stardust (and which went into the StarDust repo README).

The first is that it doesn’t make as clear as I would like that it is really all about AI. So when the wiki appears it will be billed up front as an architecture for cosmic hyper-intelligence. Yes, I do know that looks like gross hyperbole, I shall have to work hard to make the ideas sound credible. I dropped the “Artificial” there because I am thinking forward to a time when the distinction between “artificial” and “natural” intelligence has become meaningless, and the “hyper-“ reflects my intention to think forward way beyond what people now call “the singularity”.

The other thing that I now don’t like so much is the structure I had then sketched for this little constellation of repos. I didn’t have a diagram, but here’s one from some recent correspondence:

                 StarDust ----------- CreativeDAO
               /    |     \
              /     |      \
             /      |       \
            /       |        \
           /        |         \

When trying to describe how this works, it seemed to me that it is in fact rather more stack-like than this picture. So this is a better picture:

                 StarDust ---------- CreativeDAO

in which CreativeDAO, which is not that important, sticks out like a sore thumb. So I think I’ll just take it out, and either do that work in DA-Value, or else outside this little constellation of projects. Leaving just four layers to the StarDust cosmic hyper-intelligence stack. So I’m hoping to begin fleshing out this high-level view in the StarDust repo over the next few days.

Written on December 25, 2016